The Customer Outcome Lifecycle for Sales Reps

Published: September 4, 2018

Discover Outcomes:

In this stage of the Outcome Lifecycle, the goal is to set a foundation of business outcomes that will dictate the entire partnership. Sales reps will collaborate with the customer in order to capture the customer’s desired business outcomes in their own words. Once the business outcomes are finalized and agreed upon, sales reps are equipped with the knowledge to credibly and lucratively propose the business value of achieving those outcomes.

Propose Outcomes:

Using the outcomes discovered during the Discover Outcomes phase as a backbone, sales reps will then enter the Propose Outcomes phase in order to communicate the quantitative and qualitative value of achieving those outcomes through a partnership. These activities are done in The Ecosystem through building roadmaps that propose a timeline for implementation and benefit realization, as well as collaboratively building interactive business cases that give customers direct input into the calculated financial benefit of a partnership/solution.

Track Outcomes:

Once a deal is closed and a partnership is formally established, Sales Reps enter the Track Outcomes phase in order to track and measure outcomes ongoing. This is managed in The Ecosystem through documenting past and future projects in the Partnership Roadmap quadrant as well as tracking against success/financial KPIs in the Program Performance quadrant. Only by co-creating a vision for the future with the customer and ensuring acknowledgement and credit for ongoing value delivered will an account remain healthy and growable.