Open Positions

Business Development Specialist

Location: Work Anywhere
Type: Full Time

You’re a strategic thinker who loves to connect dots between various people in your network. You like to solve problems, understanding how one person might be able to help another. You enjoy developing creative strategies to increase engagement with business executives through LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social platforms. You love to create and foster intimate business relationships.

You have a knack for all types of communication—whether it’s a phone call, email, tweet, comment on a blog post, or a handwritten note. You like to learn and constantly look for new ways to achieve your goals.

Role Description

As a Business Development Specialist, you will:

  • Qualify, Educate, and Inform Prospects. You will qualify prospects based on our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Ideal Target Profile (ITP). Facilitate ongoing relationships with prospects by educating and informing through sharing relevant thought leadership and insights to shape their perspectives, influence their thinking, and gain credibility.
  • Build and Foster Relationships through Social Media. By forming connections with prospects and through social selling, you will create exciting, new opportunities for Ecosystems with key stakeholders at some of the best companies in the world. You will use targeted communication to secure meetings with top-level executives.
  • Conduct investigative meetings with prospects. You will engage with professionals on various levels within an organization to determine if there is a buying opportunity.
  • Investigate how we can help others. You will research the latest challenges that companies face and determine how we can help solve those problems.
  • Monitor trigger events. You will keep a pulse on events that disturbs the status quo and may signal a change in the likelihood of the prospect’s desire to purchase. Through social media and using tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will monitor for disruptive forces and trigger events to articulate a distinctive point of view, to be seen as a source of accessible and credible expertise, and to proactively reach out to the affected people and organizations.
  • Develop strategic communication plans. You will work to understand diverse audiences and develop an organized and creative strategy for communication, understanding that pleasant persistence will be needed to gain the attention of prospects.
    Serve as an industry analyst. The possibilities are endless—you can share a relevant news article, suggest a helpful podcast, or send a handwritten thank you note.
  • Meeting quarterly metrics. You must be comfortable with outcome-based success metrics.


  • Passionate and gritty; excited to tackle challenging goals
  • Self-starter with impeccable time management skills
  • Understands how to inspire great conversations and build relationships quickly, comfortable with cold calling
  • Engaging personality that is not easily deterred when faced with prospecting challenges
  • Loves social media and knows how to connect with people through different platforms
  • Writes in an engaging manner and possesses a professional energy on the phone
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Professional business experience a plus
  • Ideally located in the Metro DC area, but a remote position is possible for the right candidate

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Business Value Consultant

Location: Work Anywhere
Type: Full Time
Experience: 1-3 years of experience

You are an ambitious and collaborative leader. You’re a rare breed: You enjoy working with numbers and spreadsheets, but also have a knack for developing relationships. You like to think strategically, taking many variables into consideration to determine the best course of action. You’re passionate and hold yourself to a high standard of excellence. You’re motivated by autonomy and ownership, and excited by the opportunity to develop a significant client account.

Role Description

As a Business Value Consultant, you will:

  • Lead one of our client accounts, working with strategic marketing and sales professionals of Fortune 500 companies
  • Analyze your results and impact, then report on them using executive dashboards to ensure your program continues to be funded
  • Create raving fans within your client account. Raving fans are people who value your help enough to endorse you with their peers and management
  • Establish credibility within your account and develop collaborative relationships with the program managers
  • Engage with your program users on a daily basis over the phone to increase the effect of your program
  • Directly impact the sales and marketing efficiency of some of the leading companies in the world


  • A rare and unique blend of (1) analytical skills, (2) ability to communicate complex ideas clearly, and (3) passion for creating and implementing strategies that grow the client account
  • Enjoys working in a fast-paced and high-achieving environment
  • Experience working with people (in a leadership capacity preferred but not required)
  • Excited by the opportunity to own and develop a significant client account
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excel experience is a plus

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to

Customer Success Lead

Location: Work Anywhere
Type: Full Time
Experience: Approximately 5-10 years of experience

“Pride of ownership” is defined as the psychological benefit to owning, rather than renting. Though it requires an investment of blood, sweat, and tears, it means you can put your personal stamp on the whole project, and create something lasting and permanent. Its result is a polished final product with attention to detail that is obvious to others.

We aren’t looking for renters.

The Customer Success Lead we are looking for is yearning to own something. He/she will own the relationship strategy with key stakeholders across key accounts. We need a leader and a detail-oriented organizer who is passionate about both the project and meeting the needs of the team and the client. The person in this role will connect and communicate and serve as a customer advocate, always looking for ways to help.

Role Description

As a Customer Success Lead, your responsibilities fall into three areas:

1. Account Management

  • Own the relationship strategy with key stakeholders across key accounts.
  • Be a value consultant and mentor/leader to other value consultants.
  • Lead hands-on execution to drive program adoption, create raving fan advocates, and show impacted revenue.
  • Lead executive reviews of the program with client

2. Account Development

  • Define and execute renewal strategies and growth strategies with key accounts
  • Teach customers about Ecosystems’ services. Provide overviews of Ecosystems’ services to customers who want to learn more.
  • Provide deal support to our customers using Ecosystems software.
  • Increase the number of people who use our services. Reach out to our customers who are not fully utilizing the services available to them. (Note that this is not a sales role. The people you reach out to are already Ecosystems customers.)

3. Customer Success

  • Define and execute raving fan strategy with key accounts.
  • Conduct customer outreach. Employ email, phone calls, Skype, and other communication methods to connect with customers and make sure they are receiving the support they need. Every day!
  • Identify success stories. Gather stories from customers about their success with Ecosystems’ services, and share the stories with others.
  • Strive to achieve goals. Work to accomplish clear goals in a nurturing and collaborative environment.


  • Creative problem solver
  • Relationship-oriented and passionate about helping others
  • Ability to plan and execute customer outreach strategy
  • Great communication skills and ability to explain complex concepts
  • Excited to work closely with a mentor and team, but is also a self-starter
  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented
  • Gritty — focused on results, not obstacles

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Software Developer

Location: Work Anywhere
Type: Full Time

You are a passionate problem-solver. You love to address business problems head-on by designing and implementing innovative technology solutions. You are excited by the opportunity to own the development lifecycle within an organization and are motivated by autonomy, always holding yourself to a high standard of excellence.

Role Description

  • Design and build innovative, mobile software used by our Fortune 500 clients to communicate their value to the market
  • Operate with a ‘code-once’ bias, while challenged with the device variability inherent to BYOD environments
  • Enable offline/online interoperability and real-time cloud storage to support intelligent synchronization and seamless device swapping (e.g. begin a session on a smartphone and finish on a PC)
  • Own the entire development lifecycle from requirements and design, through QA and deployment

Relevant Experience

  • Current knowledge of responsive design and mobile HTML5 application development
  • Knowledge of best practices in application security
  • Experience with building applications leveraged by remote users to access centralized information
  • Familiarity with CRM systems, such as SFDC
  • Relevant Technologies
  • HTML5/AngularJS
  • Java/Spring Framework
  • Relational databases and SQL

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to

Value Engineer

Now Hiring: Value Engineer

Location: Work Anywhere
Type: Full Time
Experience: 0-3 years of experience

You think logically but inventively, mixing qualitative insights with quantitative ones. You thrive in a collaborative environment in which you transform qualitative, sometimes ambiguous value propositions into logical, cohesive, and quantified models.

The right candidate loves modelling, but has a keen interest in software, and account management. They are conversant in both technical and strategic terms and can translate requirements between the two for clients.

Candidates might have experience in client-facing, account management settings or heavily quantitative, analytical disciplines but prefer a role that blends the two.

Role Description

  • Model business value frameworks (value engineering) based on client needs and implement those models for clients in the Ecosystems platform
  • Manage stakeholders, content, and projects for existing accounts
  • Advise clients on optimal use of the Ecosystems software
  • Implement Ecosystems content for new clients and act as main technical point of contact during software pilots
  • Evangelize and explore novel uses of new software features
  • Advise internal resources on strategic internal projects, often of a technical or analytical nature


  • Experience with Excel/Google Sheets/statistical analysis software
  • Experience with data visualization and reporting packages is a plus
  • Experience with value selling/value engineering is a plus

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to