Now Hiring: Chief Commercial Officer

Location: Work Anywhere
Type: Full Time

We are looking for a needle in a haystack. Someone pure of heart. We are looking for a new Chief Commercial Officer for Ecosystems. You would report to the CEO and founder of Ecosystems. We offer a competitive salary commensurate with your experience. If this sounds like you and excites you, please reach out.

  • Someone who has enterprise software sales experience. You’ve carried a bag. You’ve had a quota. You’ve blown it out.
  • You understand SaaS and you understand Value Selling. Perhaps you’ve been a user of our software.
  • Someone who’s led a team. Knows the ins and outs of compensation plans, forecasting, and driving deals to closure. You love the process but not for the sake of the process. You love it because it works!
  • A real player-coach. You love to mentor, but you just can’t give up the hunt.
  • Someone who loves people and instantly builds intimacy and rapport with others.
  • A professional that customers rave about for years.
  • A salesperson who isn’t a classic salesperson cliché.
  • Someone who wants to help a customer solve a problem.
  • A sales pro who doesn’t rely on the hard sell, but rather helps, and in doing so, outperforms all the others.
  • A hyper-organized team player. And we mean it.
  • A good listener to both prospects and co-workers.
  • Someone whose passion is evident on Zoom, even if they are on mute.
  • For that matter, someone who is competent in Zoom, not afraid of technology. Someone who appreciates old-school but is technically adept and forward-thinking. Someone who knows the impact of Covid-19 on Digital/Virtual Selling and the need for a collaborative and digital environment to keep customers engaged.
  • A leader with integrity who values their co-workers.
  • A candidate who is looking for a home, not a gig.

So why should a superstar sales leader want to become the Chief Commercial Officer at Ecosystems? Ecosystems has 60+ world-class companies as part of its community and continues to grow as the leader in value management. The pandemic has made digital collaboration between buyers and sellers a requirement. Value is now the future. This translates to a massive market opportunity where sales organizations are looking to retool their sales teams to be effective virtual value sellers. We have 20 years of experience and the most robust software in the market today to allow for virtual value selling. From a cultural standpoint, Ecosystems rocks. We have 4.7 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor, and many of our employees have been with us for over a decade.

It may seem like we are looking for a unicorn, but we believe that special someone is out there, searching for a good home—a family. If this position seems like it might be a bit of a stretch for you but it’s a stretch that excites you, please apply. Everybody at Ecosystems is stretching and growing together. Our culture is centered on an authentic and sustained effort around development, learning, and career progression. We find value for our customers and within our own organization. In a manner of speaking, we drink our own Kool-Aid. Want a glass?

To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to

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