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Location: McLean, VA
Type: Full Time

Our Community: The Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem

Ecosystems has formed an exclusive, world-class community of like-minded executives focused on sales excellence and customer success.

Some of the world’s leading brands have joined our community, the Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and HP. This community comprises Members and Clients of the Ecosystem.

Members fit a unique profile and have received a special invitation to join the Ecosystem. Each Member agrees to be highly participatory and help co-facilitate conversations with their peers.

In exchange, Members receive ongoing thought leadership content and limited access to Ecosystems’ software platform to pilot initiatives in sales excellence and customer success.

Ecosystems’ Clients fit the same unique profile and have entered into a formal commercial relationship with Ecosystems. In this relationship, they receive dedicated support and expanded software access to drive positive business outcomes in their enterprise.

Whether a Member or a Client of the Ecosystem, both constituents require a well-thought-out relationship strategy with frequent, high-value interactions and a prescriptive innovation and growth plan.

The overriding goal is to have Members evolve into Clients. Accordingly, this person must have an ability to:

  • Drive Member adoption of the software by identifying uses cases for Members’ sales and customer success organizations
  • Assist in the creation of content for sales and customer success opportunities
  • Lead a regular cadence of meetings with relevant stakeholders

Ecosystems is looking for a leader who can help to recruit new, high-quality Members, nurture existing Members, and ultimately evolve Members into Clients of the Ecosystem.


A great candidate for this leadership position will have the following:

  • Excellent relationship-building skills
  • Exceptional emotional intelligence
  • Truly empathetic to the needs and desires of Members as they progress from Members to Clients
  • Fundamentally believe in the motto:  Helping is selling. Selling is not helping
  • Does not easily get blocked and thrives in an environment which is unstructured and requires high degrees of creativity and curiosity
  • Hyper-organized and diligent in outreach, follow up, and follow through with each Member in the context of a cogent relationship strategy and plan
  • Prides themselves on being a great communicator with an ever-growing professional network
  • Experience in account management, customer success, and/or relationship-building with clients
  • Collaborative and gritty, continually driving for results, while maintaining a high level of effort and interest despite repeated failure, adversity, and plateaus in progress
  • Embodies our values: RICHES (Respect, Integrity, Courage, Honesty, Excellence, Service)
  • Ideally located in the D.C. Metro area, but a remote position is possible for the right candidate

What does success look like for this leadership role?

Leading Indicators:

  • Executives matching our targets joining and actively participating in the Ecosystem
  • Members leading thought leadership sessions and recruiting other world-class Members to join
  • Members actively leveraging the platform within their business and sharing results with other Members

Lagging Indicators:

  • Members becoming Clients
  • Maintaining executive-level relationships with key Client stakeholders ongoing


To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to