Now Hiring: Value Engineer

Location: Work Anywhere
Type: Full Time

Ecosystems Services, a growing enterprise software and services firm based in McLean, VA, is looking for a MASTER CRAFTSMAN/WOMAN who is not only talented in business/financial analysis but is PASSIONATE to INNOVATE AND CREATE NEW WAYS to STRUCTURE AND QUANTIFY VALUE. Join our tight-knit company in a role entitled MASTER Value Engineer.

Ecosystems’ Value Engineers leverage analysis and creativity to help some of the largest companies in the world in targeting and selling to customers. More specifically, Value Engineers work with industry-leading sales teams at at our Fortune 100 customers, to:

Analyze the environment of prospective customers
Identify relevant offerings that address the customer’s business needs
Quantify the business value the customer will recognize if they implement those offerings.

NOTE: This is not a sales position. This is a MASTER CRAFTSMAN/WOMAN position to help the world’s largest brands in creating quantified value propositions for the solutions they offer.


The role requires a unique set of talents, including:

  • Quantitative/analytic skills
  • Effective communication and ability to own customer relationships
  • Good eye and judgment for visually presenting information (with a focus on insights versus data)
  • Comfort and effectiveness with ‘scrappy’ technologies for managing unstructured data (e.g. Excel, VBA, reporting packages, databases and tables)
  • Drive to run a business within a business (totally owning the approach and results for one of Ecosystems’ accounts)
  • “Grittiness”, evidenced by a history of persevering in the face of obstacles
  • “Passion”, evidenced by a history of value engineering and/or value consulting

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to