Chad Quinn, CEO

Chad Quinn is the CEO of Ecosystems. For over 20 years, Chad has led the organization, focusing on helping Fortune 500 companies set up Value Management Offices (VMOs) to discover, quantify, and track business outcomes. Chad’s passion is to impact the lives of others. As host of the Voice of Value podcast, he discusses with B2B sales, marketing, and customer success leaders how to make your value clear. When he is not interviewing podcast guests, like Stanley McChrystal, J.B. Wood, or Beth Comstock, Chad enjoys long walks to Mars.





Michael Plaskow, CTO & Co-Founder

Michael is CTO and co-founder of Ecosystems. For over 20 years, Michael has refined an architecture that empowers Fortune 500 companies to automate and scale outcome selling. Michael’s sole measure of success is the adoption of Ecosystems’ software and the sales, retention, and growth outcomes it delivers for Ecosystems’ clients. As Michael was early to recognize the risk of software proliferation and ‘tool fatigue’ faced by many sales and customer success teams, his investments in partnerships, integrations, and co-development initiatives have positioned Ecosystems as a seamless augmentation to existing CRM/CSM infrastructure.


Your value made clear. We find our own value by helping others find theirs.

At our core, our values and principles help guide our team of experts.