Chad Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder

Chad and the company’s purpose is to help others make their value clear. For more than 20 years, Chad has led the organization, empowering emerging and world-class companies to differentiate and sell more via Ecosystems’ robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, which quantifies and tracks customer value. Ecosystems’ SaaS platform has two patent-pending innovations which focus on its elegantly simple user experience and AI-driven, intelligent recommendation engine on preferred customer value drivers.

Chad has been recognized by both Forrester Research and SiriusDecisions as a leader in 21st-century selling, offering Ecosystems’ clients three decades of experience in enterprise sales and senior sales management. Profiled in The Wall Street Journal for his innovative sales models, Chad has spent his career working for a wide variety of firms including blue-chip companies like IBM and FedEx.

Chad is sought out as an industry leader on customer value, leading CXO roundtable discussions nationwide. He has led keynote discussions with more than 400 executives on the full lifecycle of customer value management. Chad is also the creator and facilitator of the Value Advisory Ecosystem, which comprises more than 135 executives in 70 global world-class companies.

As host of the award-winning Voice of Value podcast, Chad gives listeners a seat at the table as he adeptly interviews an eclectic group of leaders including CEOs, authors, and thought leaders on the topic of value. In these lively discussions, Chad extracts out-of-the-box, adaptable advice and strategies in finding value and making value clear for sales, marketing, and customer success leaders.

Chad holds a B.A. in Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University. He is an Advisory Board Member at DocuSign and an active volunteer in his McLean, VA community. Chad was Governing Board Chair of The McLean Community Center (MCC) and is involved with Homestretch, a non-profit providing transformational services to homeless families in the northern Virginia area.


Michael Plaskow, CTO and Co-Founder

Owning the vision, design, and development of Ecosystems’ cloud platform, Michael has dedicated two decades to solutioning the intersection of scalable technology and the business process of value selling. Although a technologist at heart, as chair of Ecosystems’ Client Advisory Board (CAB), Michael spends much of his time with customers large and small to understand current challenges and anticipate those to come. Michael’s sole measure of success is the adoption of Ecosystems and the improvements in sales, retention, and growth experienced by Ecosystems’ clients.

Michael’s obsession with user experience is reflected in Ecosystems’ role-based architecture, maximizing relevance and usability for all stakeholders involved in managing customer value. And his devotion to technical elegance is evidenced by material investments in partnerships, integrations, and co-development initiatives, positioning Ecosystems as a seamless augmentation to existing CRM/CSM infrastructure.

Beginning with his graduation from Penn State University with a dual-degree in engineering, Michael immediately began a career dedicated to enterprise software. His capacity for algorithms led to residencies throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, where he helped Fortune 100 organizations design algorithms to automate and optimize supply chain operations. The extent of this work led to academic collaboration with the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and keynote speaking on methods for business forecasting.

As the late 90s approached, Michael shifted his focus to web-based software architecture, leading the development of an industry-first platform for joint planning between suppliers and customers. At the turn of the millennium, Michael’s passion for intelligence, automation, and scale found an ideal outlet in the form of B2B value selling, and ultimately, the formation of Ecosystems.

Outside of work, Michael finds comfort in do-it-yourself projects, maintaining the yard, and time with his family, often cheering for his two teenagers from the sidelines of soccer fields and basketball gyms throughout the DC/MD/VA area.



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