Advisory Resources

Driven and Led by Our Members

The Value Advisory Ecosystem (formerly known as the Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem) has virtual meetings on a variety of business topics and member insights.

Below you can find full recordings, video clips, and other resources from meetings on B2B sales, customer success, value management topics, marketing, and revenue operations and enablement.

We also have video clips of “Member Insights” – 1:1 conversations with our Members on the toughest challenges they face in B2B sales today and their innovative approaches to driving customer account acquisition, growth, and retention.


Meeting on Expansion
Featuring: Teresa Anania, Zendesk; David Kocher, Medidata Solutions; Christophe Bodin, Tradeshift

On March 3rd, Advisory Ecosystem Members Teresa Anania, Vice President of Global Customer Success & Renewals at Zendesk, David Kocher, Vice President of Customer Success at Medidata Solutions, and Christophe Bodin, Chief Revenue Officer at Tradeshift, met to discuss the evolution of customer success towards supporting expansion plays.

Excellence in Value Management
Featuring: Randy Perry, IDC; Eric Ranta, Google Cloud

Randy Perry, Vice President of Sales Enablement at IDC, partnered with Erica Ranta, Director of the North American Cloud Value Advisors at Google Cloud, to discuss how our inaugural IDC survey on Value Selling Excellence relates specifically to value management. We uncovered the top challenges Members are facing and discussed strategies and best practices to employ as we enter 2021.

Excellence in Value Selling
Featuring: Randy Perry, IDC

IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, has partnered with Ecosystems on our inaugural Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem Survey on Value Selling Excellence. Randy Perry, Vice President of Sales Enablement at IDC, will explain the maturity of our community in B2B sales, customer success, sales enablement, and value management. Based on our empirical research, we will uncover the top challenges Members are facing and discuss strategies and best practices to employ as we enter 2021.

Value Realization Workshop: Measurement & Implementation
Featuring: Erica Ranta, Google Cloud; Anurag Goel, Salesforce

Eric Ranta and Anurag Goel led this workshop focused on value realization measurement and instrumentation. Through shared community learning, we discussed effective practices as well as key metrics to track.

Executive Roundtable: Organizational Alignment
Featuring: Bill Welch, IronNet Cybersecurity; Maria White, Twilio; Jon Hunter, Micro Focus

We discuss hiring, enablement, and organizational alignment on value. Bill, Jon, and Maria share best practices from their 20+ years of experience leading high-performing B2B sales teams.

Elements of Value Workshop: Understanding Your Customer
Featuring: David Kocher, Medidata; Mark Roberts, HP

In this workshop, Mark Roberts, Americas Pursuit & Customer Success Leader at HP, shared his team’s experience on collaborating with Ecosystems and HP PS Services’ Leadership team to gain a better understanding of HP’s strengths and weaknesses and opened up new conversations with customers.

Value Realization Workshop: Organizational Model & Support
Featuring: Eric Ranta, Google Cloud; Rob Dapaah, New Relic

Our community discusses the organizational model and support needed to provide customers with a successful process to realize value.

Small Group Discussion on Channel Partners
Featuring: Christophe Bodin, Anaplan; Eduarda Camacho, PTC; Chris Doell, Cisco; Grad Rosenbaum, HP; Jill Favro Sawatzky, Commvault; Joanne Taylor, Nuance Communications; Luciana Broggie, HP; Jonathan Nikols, HP

Our thought leadership community held our first small group discussion session on Channel Partners. With these intimate groups, we hope to help members elevate their organizations through engaging conversations and shared experiences.

Accelerating Value Realization Workshop
Featuring: Eric Ranta, Google Cloud

Everyone agrees that value realization is key to customer success, but no one has it completely figured out. Eric Ranta, Director of Cloud Value Advisors Americas at Google, leads a discussion on value realization – who has a plan to do it, who is doing it, and how Members can collaborate ongoing to accelerate its success.

B2B Elements of Value Workshop
Featuring: Jamie Cleghorn, Bain & Company; David Kocher, Medidata Solutions

Bain & Company has robust research on why companies buy, which has been incorporated into Ecosystems’ collaborative online platform. We will discuss how to use the B2B Elements of Value to improve customer experience, drive strategic account planning, and ultimately grow and retain your most important accounts.

Managing Churn During COVID-19
Featuring: Ashvin Vaidyanathan, Gainsight

When every line item is fair game, there has never been a better time to double down on retention strategies to minimize churn. Ashvin leads a discussion on data-driven approaches to forecast effectively and show the value you’ve delivered to your customers.

B2B Value Selling in a Work-From-Home World
Featuring: Lori Harmon, NetApp; Somesh Chablani, FIS; Mark Tefakis, Sprinklr

We discuss the unique challenges of working from home during the COVID-19 crisis. Our discussion leaders share best practices from their 20+ years of experience leading high-performing B2B sales teams. We also explore strategies for digitally collaborating with colleagues and customers.

Pipeline Development & Prosecution
Featuring: Steve Fitz, Sumo Logic; Brett Shirk, Rubrik

Steve and Brett share how to develop and prosecute qualified pipeline through a holistic, value-based approach. We will also discuss strategies to shorten sales cycles during growth periods.

Evolving Role of Partners
Featuring: Roberto Sigona, Qlik; Christophe Bodin, Anaplan

Elaborating on our discussion around who should own expansion and renewals, two Chief Customer Officers will share their views on the evolving roles of partners – How are we working with the value ecosystem? When should partners be involved in expansion and renewals?

Who Should Own Expansions & Renewals?
Featuring: Mike McGuinness, Veracode; Chritophe Bodin, Anaplan

When should you utilize narrow specialists or people who are more generalist in their ability to engage with the customer? When should you employ Customer Success Managers? What is the right time to make shifts from one model to the next?

Value Realization
Featuring: Grad Rosenbaum, HP

Grad Rosenbaum leads a discussion on value realization and how teams work collaboratively with customers to gain alignment on desired outcomes, track the value that has been delivered, and develop account growth opportunities.

Alex Hesterberg discusses theĀ 12 elements of a next-generation customer health scorecard and more.

Intelligent Sales Engagement
Featuring: Steve Silver, Forrester

Steve Silver leads a discussion on the impact of digital transformation on sales and the emergence of tools powered by artificial intelligence that can enhance the performance of sales, customer success, and marketing. We discuss when and how to deploy an intelligent sales engagement tool to improve decision-makingĀ at all levels of your organization.