Barbecue at Homestretch

Published: September 15, 2016


As part of our partnership with Homestretch, the Ecosystems team volunteered to host a barbecue for the families in the program. We had a great time meeting the families, enjoying food together, and talking with the Homestretch team.

Homestretch is a nonprofit in the Washington, D.C. metro area that helps parents with children recover from situations of domestic abuse, poverty, and homelessness and become self-sufficient. Throughout the week, Homestretch offers Life Skills classes for the families in its program. The classes teach a variety of topics including mental health and career coaching.

We arrived at Homestretch with burgers, hot dogs, salad, chips, and cookies. Due to some inclement weather, we had to move our barbecue indoors—but still had a great time!

A few highlights from the barbecue:

1. Nick’s selfie stick (which was almost as popular with the kids as the cookies and chips).

2. When the kids tried to guess the ages of a few of us on the Ecosystems team.

3. Hearing from Chris, Executive Director of Homestretch, and Ken, Development Director at Homestretch, about how the Value Study we completed with them last year is continuing to make an impact with their donors.

We are so thankful for Homestretch, their hospitality, and their impact in our community!

Part of the setup crew!

Testing the selfie stick…