Our Members

Andrew Quinn

Vice President, Sales Productivity & Enablement


Andrew Quinn is Vice President of Sales Productivity and Enablement for HubSpot. The SP+E Team is focused on improving a seller’s ability to close quality deals as quickly and effectively as possible by continuously removing friction through real-time tools, content, education and effective change management leading to a happier, more productive and efficient sales team. Andrew and his team accomplish this through effective execution with the platforms, processes and programs needed to drive rep and manager enablement. The SP+E team curates subject matter expertise and the information assets sellers need to take on knowledge and skill while also providing instruction, guidance and direction through tools, resources and self-directed development. The team also provides Sales Managers, Directors and VPs with the resources and tools they need to direct and manage their team’s performance and development. Andrew has been at HubSpot since 2009. Prior to running HubSpot’s productivity and enablement efforts, he was Vice President of Learning and Development for HubSpot. Andrew has over 25 years’ experience in in sales, management and training with Fortune 500 companies and startups including Verizon, Microsoft and BuyerZone.com.