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Bill Stolpe

Vice President of Sales, Customer Growth Services


Bill is a career B2B marketer and sales enablement pioneer whose number one priority is meeting the needs of customers and the sellers he supports. As IBM’s first corporate sales enablement leader, he is establishing a new professional discipline to help sellers gain confidence, increase value to clients, improve productivity and consistently achieve quotas. He’s focused on setting standardized KPIs, a central metrics reporting system, improving content quality and operations, modernizing sales tools and the user experience, and skill building programs to help employees thrive in their craft. In his previous role as VP of IBM’s Industry and Midmarket solution programs, Bill drove a shift from selling individual products to selling solutions customized for different buyer roles. He and his team enabled the transition to solution selling with pre-sale plans, classroom and digital learning, value propositions, proposal development and delivery role play, solution demand generation, and partner co-marketing.