Our Members

Cheik Daddah

Global Head of Value Engineering


Cheik has been a leader in value engineering for the past 20 years. He has worked extensively with CFOs and other executives to help them plan, execute and realize value from transformation initiatives. In this capacity, Cheik has worked with hundreds of clients while at SAP, Oracle and Teradata. Digital transformation, especially for finance and supply chain transformation, is one of his specialties. Transforming cash and treasury management into strategic liquidity performance management discipline is one of the areas he is focusing on. At Kyriba, he leads the global value engineering team whose charter is to collaborate with existing and prospective clients to understand, quantify and achieve business value from treasury transformation into a strategic and digital enterprise function whose mission is to support profitable growth and by strengthening business partnering and leverage of real-time insights to drive optimal decision-making. Cheik holds a Master’s degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance.