Our Members

Disha Gosalia

Vice President, Customer Success

New Relic

Disha is a performance-driven technical executive and has held various positions in the past where she has helped build and scale global customer facing teams for SaaS products. In these roles, Disha has been directly responsible for creating programs to impact her company’s recurring revenue and retention goals. She has a strong passion for building collaborative & strong partnerships with her customers to help influence their business outcomes. Disha is currently Vice President of Customer Success for Americas at New Relic. Prior to New Relic, she was VP of Support & Services at Quantcast and helped them pivot from a managed services support structure to SaaS. Prior to that she ran the developer support programs for the Industrial IOT at General Electric. At GE, Disha helped influence company wide culture in their journey for DevOps transformation that made direct impact to customer outcomes. Disha holds a B.S. in Computer Science and considers herself a nerd by heart! She is based out of the Bay Area in California. In her spare time, she’s an avid hiker and loves going on hikes by herself and with her husband and two children.