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Steve Thompson

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Steve Thompson is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PureForge. Mr. Thompson has a successful track record of creating and communicating customer value propositions that are clear and compelling. He has the ability to develop trusting relationships quickly so that customers are eager to engage, buy, renew and grow. Mr. Thompson has developed a PureForge go-to-market strategy and plan efficiently and effectively:
  • Identifies and engages with the right strategic partners
  • Closes high quality recurring revenue fleet customers
  • Reduces churn and significantly grows existing accounts
Previous to joining PureForge, Mr. Thompson developed very successful sales services firms providing key hands-on sales leadership, training and coaching to position, propose, negotiate and deliver value after the sale in order to meet key business objectives and advance the larger corporate strategy. His approach focuses on the 2 nd order problem of customer’s internal buying challenges: facilitating the internal sale, aligning diverse stakeholders and making an informed buying decision. Mr. Thompson provides a unique perspective to what is found in the marketplace:
  • Over 20 years experience selling B2B deals worldwide for Sellers and Buyers representing dozens of industries
  • Directly supported closing more than one thousand B2B deals worth over $17B
He is equally comfortable formulating strategy at the executive level as well as developing specific programs and processes to effectively execute and scale at the individual account level with multiple stakeholders. Mr. Thompson is also expert at managing uncertainty and risk in complex B2B deals by developing and presenting multiple acceptable options resulting in shorter selling cycles and great deals for all key parties.