Close a $2M+ Deal—Faster [Success Story]

Published: December 8, 2015


What would you do with 40 hours of saved time?

With an extra 40 hours, would you spend more time with your family? Dedicate yourself to more high value deals? Work on shortening your long to-do list?

Danny, a Client Solutions Executive, recently called one of our value consultants to tell her that this was a reality for him. With the help of the Value Management Office (powered by Ecosystems), he no longer had to spend 40 hours preparing for customer conversations.

His work week was transformed. Instead of spending 40 hours pulling data and analysis to create customer presentations, he was able to develop a dynamic customer conversation in only 15 minutes with the VMO.

We are so excited to hear of Danny’s success in closing a $2M+ deal, with much less effort on his part:


About the Author

Amanda Newcomb

Amanda Newcomb

Amanda Newcomb is the Visual Storyteller at Ecosystems, taking customer success stories and thought leadership and translating them into engaging visual stories for the screen. She has more than five years of experience in the film and television industry and is a Telly Awarding winning animator.