Gain Consensus with the VMO [Success Story]


If you’ve ever watched kids play the telephone game, you know that it’s really difficult to get a unique, clear message from one person all the way to the last. The first person whispers the message to the person standing next to them, who passes it on to the next person, and so on, until the very last person in line receives the message. Rarely does the last person in line hear the same message that the first person started.

Recently, our client successfully conveyed a unique, clear value message—not just across a few people standing in a line, but across an entire state.

Our client’s customer, the state of Wisconsin, consisted of many different stakeholders: the CIO, CTO, and other businesses and executive agencies. The state needed to understand the value of our client’s products and services before purchasing them. That meant communicating a unique, clear message to many people.

We worked with our client to create a message based on value to share across all of the business units within the state. Watch the video to find out what happened:

About the Author

Amanda Newcomb

Amanda Newcomb

Amanda Newcomb is the Visual Storyteller at Ecosystems, taking customer success stories and thought leadership and translating them into engaging visual stories for the screen. She has more than five years of experience in the film and television industry and is a Telly Awarding winning animator.