3 Best Practices of a Global Customer Program

Typically organizations use the term ‘Global Accounts’ to identify the largest customers. These customers, yes, operate on a global scale—but more importantly, they provide the largest amount of annual revenue. Over the past 15 years, Ecosystems has found that regular business reviews, with a global view of the customer’s priorities and performance, are required for retention and growth.

The challenge, however, comes in building a process and platform for facilitating reviews in this way. Here are three best practices to successful business reviews of a global customer program:

1. Global communication is critical

If you don’t know Russian, a few paragraphs of Russian text look intimidating:

For the majority of the world’s population, English is just as daunting. A global customer program cannot be effective unless there is communication with all stakeholders. The program must be based on a platform engineered to quickly pivot between languages. As a process, sales representatives should recognize just enough foreign terminology to navigate the business review in any language – earning credibility and favor with foreign stakeholders.

2. Target messaging by geographical audience

Global companies operate by making management decisions across geographic regions. To ensure relevant information globally, business reviews must contain the priorities and performance metrics for all regions. They must also enable sales representatives to “zoom in” on certain information, isolating messaging for a specific audience. A morning session with the head of APJ, followed by an afternoon session with EMEA, should be enabled through different views in a common platform.

3. Get to the right level of management

Global business reviews introduce many technical and procedural challenges. When done effectively, however, you earn the right to access top management—with global responsibilities.

An infrastructure that allows business reviews in multiple languages, centralizes priorities and performance by region, and empowers key management around the globe is a unique offering provided only by unique partners. To learn more about business reviews, read 4 Keys to Powerful Quarterly Business Reviews.


Michael Plaskow

Michael is CTO and co-founder of Ecosystems. For over 20 years, Michael has helped Fortune 500 companies differentiate their products and services by quantifying and communicating business value. Michael has helped companies navigate the technical and business process challenges to improving performance for all sales streams, from large (named) accounts to enterprise to SMB, direct versus channel, and public versus private sector. Michael holds a B.S. degree in civil engineering and a minor in environmental engineering from Pennsylvania State University.