3 Ways the Sales Process is Radically Transforming Today

1. The responsibility of the seller has been compressed in a “tighter box.”

Marketing is helping customers on the frontend and customer success and service is helping the customer on the backend. This leaves a compressed “tighter box” and extremely important role for sales. We need to be an expert in that box. The customer expects us to know their industry, their outcomes, and their business model.


2. The seller needs to understand the new conditions for success.

The new conditions for success are mutually agreed upon outcomes that both the customer and seller are measured on. Bring the customer and the company into a partnership that will work. Getting the contract signed is just a piece of the broader puzzle; it’s not the end game. The company that wins the deal, should be the one that educates the customer on the outcomes that they didn’t realize going into the relationship.


3. Think of yourself in sales as a quarterback consultant.

As a quarterback consultant, you are navigating others who are involved in the customer relationship to the best possible mutually-agreed-upon outcomes with your customer. Remember, it’s not about being heads down on your product, it’s about being heads up around the customer and the outcomes they are trying to achieve.


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