A Huge Miss: Only About 25% of B2B Sales Organizations Are Doing This

With a growing number of B2B products and solutions, it can be difficult to stand out against your competition. In this day and age of rapidly advancing technological features, functions, and solutions, one of the primary ways to rise above your competition is through customer engagement.

What is customer engagement? Customer engagement is the sum of all the interactions your customers and potential customers experience with your company. Whether customers are finding information on your website, completing a survey, talking to a sales or service representative, or receiving a holiday card in the mail from your company, these are all parts of your overall customer experience and engagement.

Shockingly, only about 25% of sales organizations are implementing these four practices to drive customer engagement during the B2B sales process, according to CSO Insights:

  1. Tailoring content to industries
  2. Tailoring content to the customer’s path and challenges
  3. Tailoring content to buyer roles
  4. Leveraging social media

These are huge, missed opportunities for sales organizations! Out of these four practices, which two should you focus on first? All teams struggle with limited resources, so the two practices you should prioritize first is tailoring your content to buyer roles and your customer’s specific path and challenges. Adding these two action items to your team’s workflow and conversations can increase your win rates on forecasted deals—up to a 13.2 point increase.

You can learn more from CSO Insights research director, Tamara Schenk, here in this clip from our Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem. (Video is also below)