Attain Better Outcomes For You and Your Customer By Having an Outward Mindset

One small change in your B2B sales tactics can drastically transform the outcome of a deal. This one small change is a shift in your mindset. Do you go into sales conversations focused on closing the deal for your own benefit and to make your numbers? Or are you going into sales conversations focused on your customer’s goals and priorities?

It is amazing to hear how a tiny shift in your mindset can dramatically change the outcome of a situation. Chad Quinn, CEO of Ecosystems and host of the Voice of Value podcast, had the opportunity to speak with Chip Huth, Senior Consultant at Arbinger Institute and Major with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, where Chip shared a riveting story on how his team changed a high-stakes situation to a better outcome using an outward mindset. Take a listen to a snippet of his experience in the video.

In B2B sales, we can commonly fall into an inward mindset, where we are constantly thinking about our own sales process, our own close dates, and our own timelines. During your next sales engagement, go in with an outward mindset and see the human, the person, behind a buyer persona. Focus on their priorities, their motivations, and their fears. You will get a better outcome this way and develop stronger customer relationships.

Hear Chad and Chip’s full conversation in this Voice of Value podcast episode on A SWAT Team Mixing Baby Bottles & An Outward Mindset.