B2B Basics: What is Outcome-Based Selling?

To keep up with the changing landscape of the business-to-business (B2B) world, Sales and Customer Success need to transform their organizations to move away from traditional selling models of pushing features and functions of their products and services. Instead, B2B teams need to be trusted partners and focus on helping their customers through outcome-based selling.

Before we can answer what outcome-based selling is, let’s first define what an outcome is.

What is an outcome?

  • Outcome: The way a thing turns out; a consequence. (Oxford)

In the context of B2B organizations, an outcome is the resulting impact or benefit your customer gains from using your solution and from doing business with you.

What is outcome-based selling?

  • Outcome-based selling: A consultative approach to selling that focuses on your customer’s desired outcomes in every stage of the sales process, from pre-sale through post-sale and renewal.

With traditional, transactional selling, sales professionals would just inform you on what their solution or product does. Buyers can now just search on the internet for information about your product, company, and solutions. With the rise of subscription-based sales, it’s no longer a one-and-done deal. Sales and Customer Success need to continually prove to their customers their value. By leading with outcome-based selling, your sales team will succeed in the long run.

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