B2B Marketing: Focus On Your Customer Experience as a Key Differentiator

In a recent blog post, “B2B Customer Centricity: Why Competitor Differentiation Matters,” Forrester explained that most B2B marketers do not formulate their content to be customer-centric. This needs to change.

Their researchers conducted a study that found 75% of technology and business buyers surveyed found that hearing from other customers was the most important factor in determining the credibility of the content. They then reviewed over 60 B2B websites and ranked them on a scale of 0-45, with 45 being the highest score, and only six got a “passing” score of 25. They said that the problem was a failure to differentiate – to provide targeted content reflecting their customers’ desired outcomes and buying roles and to showcase relevant success stories with which their customers could identify.

They also found that success stories are most impactful when there is a focus on customer experience. Prospective customers want to know how your business regularly interacts with its current customers and provides a truly unique customer experience.

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