B2B Sales: Are You Doing These Top 3 Things for Your Buyers? Implement These Activities to Help Your Customers Gain Value from their Purchase

Are you creating enough value for your buyers early in their purchasing journey? According to Gartner research, B2B buying teams consistently explore, evaluate, and engage (in no particular order) in their first steps of making a purchase decision. From engaging in conversations with colleagues that prompt new initiatives, to researching specific vendors online, and seeking insights from individuals they believe are independent experts, in all three of these first steps, buying teams do not consult the expertise of a sales professional.

Knowing that buying teams are taking these first steps in their purchasing journey without the guidance of a sales team, here are the top three action items you can implement now to help your customers along their overwhelming and complex journey:

1. Support buying teams with information about your company and products and/or services and ensure that your information is clear and concise. Breakaway from internal jargon and provide information that is in your customer’s language. Step into your customer’s shoes and make sure their experience with consuming your information is as easy as possible to understand and share.

2. Connect the dots for buying teams and assist them in finding influencers in your industry and gaining knowledge from them. If the prospective buyer is the right fit for your company, it can be particularly helpful in the sales process to connect prospective buyers with influencers who lean towards your company’s products and/or solutions.

3. Pique their curiosity. Share thought-provoking insights and ideas for buying teams to spark a conversation. Give your prospective buyers actionable information to discuss among colleagues, industry peers, influencers, and your team.

Are you implementing these three action items to help prospective buyers explore solutions? Overall, these are things you can do to help buyers move along in their decision-making process. Understanding the current landscape of the B2B purchase process and taking a step back by looking from the buyer’s perspective, you can find additional ways to add value to their experience.