B2B Sales: How to Finalize Your Negotiation Strategy

You’ve been working hard for several months, building trust and collaborating with your prospective customer to get stakeholder buy-in on quantified outcomes they want to achieve with your solution. Now, as you approach the finish line to closing this deal, you need to finalize a negotiating strategy and identify:

  • What does a “good” deal look like from the buyer’s perspective and your perspective as the seller?
  • What trades will be made in order to finalize the deal?

Here are five key points and questions to consider when you’re finalizing a negotiation strategy:

  1. Know the “guardrails,” or the limits and boundaries, you have around each item in the deal.
  2. Do you understand what is most important to the customer and what they will mostly likely pressure you for?
  3. Present options that increase the number of items that are “on the table.”
  4. Prepare trades in an interactive framework to advance for those expected demands.
  5. Do you have a close/customer evaluation plan that has been ensorsed by the customer (with specific details of dates, targets, etc.)?

Learn how you can successfully close the deal with the right negotiation where both buyer and seller parties can win in our video guide.