B2B Suppliers: Are You Delivering These Three Types of Value to Your Customers?

In the world of creating consensus amongst a buying team of six to 10 diverse stakeholders, B2B suppliers need to better understand what we can do to motivate those on the buying team to make connections with each other and create alignment.

Brent Adamson, Distinguished Vice President at Gartner, shares how individual stakeholders on the B2B buying team perceive and evaluate a supplier’s value across three dimensions:

1. Company Value

Company value is about the value that the supplier delivers to the buyer’s company.

2. Professional Value

Professional value is how the supplier’s solution helps the buyer in their individual job role.

3. Identity Value

Identity value is how the supplier changes the way the buyer thinks about themselves by:

  • helping the buyer feel more important
  • giving the buyer a sense of belonging
  • helping the buyer win credibility among their peers

Only this third category of identity value has a material impact on the likelihood of someone willing to connect with the other stakeholders to move towards a closed deal. Identity value is an incredibly strong motivator. Once you motivate one stakeholder to connect with the others on the buying team, the way that you make those connections is probably through professional value and company value. So you need to start with identity value to get started on gaining alignment among individuals on a buying team.

Learn more in the video below with Brent Adamson, Gartner.