How to Create a Strong Value Proposition and Business Case

You need to arm yourself with a solid value proposition in your business case to clearly communicate to your prospective customers why your solution is the best fit for their desired outcomes. To create a strong value proposition, you need to identify:

  • What specific outcomes are most relevant to your customer
  • If those outcomes have been quantified
  • If the various buyer stakeholders have endorsed those outcomes

Ideally, customers have co-created a business case solution with you or helped quantify the outcomes they care about the most.

Here are seven key points to create a strong value proposition:

  1. Link your unique value proposition to your customer’s business isuess, initiatives, and politics.
  2. Write the value propositions in your customer’s language and ensure that it includes metrics that matter to them.
  3. Ensure your value proposition is comprehensive by leveraging, both, qualitative value (such as customer success stories and differentiators) and quantified outcomes.
  4.  Consider your customer’s alternatives when positioning your value proposition. (Learn about what your customer’s top three alternatives to doing business with you are, here.)
  5. Your value proposition should be linked to your sales strategy.
  6. Has your customer personally picked the outcomes that are most relevant to the various stakeholders?
  7. Did the customer help co-create the business case and, therefore, endorce the quantified outcomes?

Learn how you can collaborate with your customer for a stronger business case in our video guide.