How to Guide Your Customer to a Fast Time to Value

A major problem in sales is that sales professionals are focused on what we sell and now how our customer captures or gains value. If we shift our mindset away from selling to focusing in on how we can help our customers capture and gain value, we then differentiate ourselves.

Stop thinking about:

  • Features
  • Bundles
  • Creative Pricing

Start thinking about:

  • How does this customer gain certainty around capturing value in the shortest period of time?

Your customer will implement your product or solution maybe once in their career. On the other hand, your company is implementing this product or solution hundreds, if not thousands, of times. As the sales professional, you have the basis for the “Conditions for Success,” to help guide your customer to a fast time to value.

How do you guide your customer to a fast time to value? You need to seek out these team leaders and pick their brains on the following:

  • Ask your professional services leader: What are the top deployment roadmaps that have been most successful for our customers?
  • Ask your customer success leader: What are the top three customer outcomes that we’ve predictably and consistently delivered for our customers?

Armed with the knowledge of the top three customer outcomes your company can deliver on and a successful deployment roadmap, you now have the “Conditions for Success.” You can now make your value clear to your customer and have a different type of conversation, not based on features, functions, and price.

Check out the full clip with Chad below to learn more about guiding your customer to a fast time to value.