How To Start Your B2B Sales Transformation With Behavior Changes

As a B2B sales leader, maintaining the status quo is unacceptable. You should always be innovating your organization to adapt and stay ahead of what today’s and tomorrow’s customers expect from their experience in doing business with you.

In this Voice of Value podcast snippet below, host, Chad Quinn, and guest, Stanley McChrystal, discuss how B2B sales leaders, who want to transform their organization, can change their team’s behavior when they don’t have the mandate to change behaviors.

To motivate change, Stanley shares a great example from the military: If the enemy starts shooting artillery at your position, or mortar fire, and it lands near you, you should move. It seems obvious that you should move, but sometimes, you’ll have someone ask, “Well, what direction do we go?” As a retired general, Stanley advises that it doesn’t matter what direction you go, as long as you move because everywhere is better than where you currently are.

“You can’t steer anything until it’s moving.”

Sales leaders today need to make a change in their organization and it first needs to start with making the case that the status quo is not acceptable. Some people don’t want to help make a change unless they know exactly where you’re going. Stanley circles back to his example, “You can’t steer anything until it’s moving.” You need to first overcome the inertia.

Hear Chad and Stanley’s full conversation in this Voice of Value podcast episode on Leadership Lessons from a Four-Star General.