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Leveraging a Value Selling Platform: Benefits for Sellers and Buyers

Gerry Murray, Research Director of Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC, discusses with the CEO of Ecosystems, Chad Quinn, what exactly a great value selling program can do for both sellers and their clients:

  • Illuminate Cost Drivers: Cutting out inefficiencies always improves businesses processes. However, it can be incredibly difficult to find precisely where these inefficiencies lie. Instead, with a value selling program in place, sellers may understand their customer’s business processes in a more holistic manner and take into account all issues and gaps in need of improvement.
  • A Collective Resource: A value selling platform also allows sellers to measure against benchmarks and indexes based on the collective experience of other customers. Having an accessible comparison provides proof points and evidence of a seller’s product benefits.
  • Make Objective Decisions: All decision makers may not agree on what constitutes an inefficiency, and, because of this, do not always make the most rational decision. Using a value selling platform, however, sellers can transform their customers’ desired outcomes into quantifiable data. Collaborating and aligning on this data streamlines the decision-making process.

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