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The Current State of Value Selling

Gerry Murray, Research Director of Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC, and Chad Quinn, Ecosystems’ CEO, discuss how they see the current state of value selling.

  • How Things Stand: Murray argues that the same issue marks the buyer and seller sides of value selling. Too many salespeople see ROI as a ‘red tape’ tool required by higher level decision makers. At the same time, too many buyers see ROI tools as just another box on the pre-purchase checklist. After this box is filled, buyers often sideline ROI, never consulting it again. This leads to so much of the tool’s potential going unrealized.
  • How Things Should Be: Rather than being a simple widget, an ROI tool has potential as a platform for managing the relationship between buyer and seller. By allowing both sides to compare the value realized by a project with the value promised beforehand, the platform offers a wealth of key information for both parties. Scrutinizing not only one another’s performance but also one’s own capabilities, blind spots, and areas that need improvement benefits both parties. After evaluation, sellers can make adjustments, whether intervention or expansion.


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