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The Extraordinary Benefits of a Business Value Selling Process for B2B Buyers

Gerry Murray, Research Director of Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC, discusses with Chad Quinn, Ecosystems’ CEO, how when the business value process is scaled, it provides extraordinary benefits to the customer including:

  • Transfer of a Value Methodology: Based on the vendor’s expertise of addressing a particular business process issue or business outcome goal, transferring that methodology to the customer, so that they can truly understand the whole story of a given process is very valuable. Leveraging a platform, using a more scalable approach to value selling, provides a methodology for customers to own the assumptions and data incorporated into the business value model. This also enables internal customer champions to co-sell to senior executives and financial reviews.
  • Teach Your Champion How to Sell Internally: With respect to ROI selling, bigger is not always better. Maybe you have some astronomical ROI you want to put in front of your CFO, or whoever your top decision-maker or budget holder is going to be, but you have to be very careful about doing that. You want to make sure that you don’t cross the lines of believability. Believability is the key to the whole story, the whole decision-making process. You might have astronomical side benefits to putting a new system into place, but you’re probably better off starting with core value statements and some more reasonable, process-level improvements that you’re going to get.

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