The Third Path to Growth: Leveraged Growth through an Ecosystem-Selling Approach

In an environment where the buyers are being bombarded with an overwhelming number of options, B2B sellers need to maximize their ROA (Return on Attention). Sales professionals need to start getting more curious on solutions that they do not provide but are complementary to.

John Hagel, Co-Chairman of the Center for the Edge at Deloitte, shared with Chad Quinn, CEO of Ecosystems, how there is a key trend emerging with an ecosystem-selling approach where sellers partner with companies who provide complementary solutions. No matter how many resources you have, no one company can do it all and address all the needs of the customer. Sellers need to innovate by being more focused on where and how they can mobilize third parties.

All companies are under pressure to grow. The two main growth strategies are:

  1. Make
  2. Or buy.

You either grow organically, internally, or you go out and do a big acquisition. There is a third path to growth: Leveraged growth. With leveraged growth, you can grow your business by serving a broader range of customer needs by mobilizing partners in your ecosystem and capturing some of that value for yourself as a fee for the service you’re providing by connecting the dots for your customers.

Learn more about leveraged growth in the video clip below.