Three Outcomes You Need to Consider in Your Sales Proposals

How do you begin your sales proposals with an authentic conversation around your customer’s desired outcomes?

On the Voice of Value podcast, Geoffrey Moore, bestselling author, speaker, and advisor to high tech enterprises, shared a provocative structure on how sales and customer success teams can think of customer outcomes in three tiers:

  • 1. Economic Buyer Outcome: What are the economic returns you’re trying to get from this investment? What is the problem you’re trying to solve? What is the tracked value and how valuable would that information be to your customers?
  • 2. End User Productivity Outcome: The end user is more interested in their immediate productivity from utilizing your solution. What menial tasks are your customers doing today that you can take off of their plate? How can your customers be more productive and more efficient?
  • 3. Technical Outcome: How well does your solution actually integrate with your customer’s existing systems and technology ecosystem?

If you build into the sales proposal phase an interrogation into these three key outcome areas, and then have an account team use this as a foundation for any future proposals, you will be able to create a stronger case to prove to prospects how your team performed against your last set of promises. Creating a narrative for your prospects in the discovery phase around tracking the achievement of outcomes promised on these three levels will help set you up as a credible and trustworthy solution provider.

Learn more about how your sales and customer success teams can build stronger proposals together through these three tiers of outcomes in the audiogram clip.