What Can a Sales Leader Learn from an American Girl Doll?

What can a sales leader learn from an American Girl doll? When you see how they have positioned their dolls, you learn that there’s higher order value. In this segment of Insights and Outcomes, Ecosystems’ CEO, Chad Quinn talks about how his daughter never mentions the features of her American Girl doll. Instead, she identifies with the characters and the personality of the American Girl doll. Children associate themselves with the American Girl doll experience and story.

In today’s B2B environment, sales professionals sometimes miss the mark on providing that higher order of Identity Value to customers. When thinking about how customers perceive value in working with you, ask yourself: What does it say about your customer that they work with you? Does it say they’re progressive? Does it say they’re innovative?

Watch the full clip below with Chad to understand how to focus on Identity Value as a differentiator and create separation.