What is a Customer Verifier?

Sellers often spend more time chasing deals that will never close than moving on to more likely wins. According to data from the TAS Group, it takes 65% longer to lose a deal than it takes to win one.

To prevent this waste of time, sellers should obtain “customer verifiers” throughout the entire sales process in order to show that the deal is progressing and trust is being built with the customer. Thus, for every action that a seller takes – demos, emails, and phone calls – there should be a reaction from the buyer.

What is a Customer Verifier?

A customer reaction, not a seller action, that marks the progress of a deal.

Characteristics of a Good Verifier:

  • Objective
  • Easy to audit
  • Obtains a clear yes/no from the customer

Why Are Verifiers Important?

  • Mitigates subjective interpretation, as the customer, not the sales rep, indicates where the deal stands
  • Encourages sales reps’ judgment and creativity, as they are empowered to find the right means to drive the desired outcome
  • Allows managers to focus support on deal progression and review of sales’ activities