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Why It’s Critical to Scale Your Business Value Practice

Value selling is not a new concept by any means. Gerry Murray, Research Director of Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC, and Chad Quinn, Ecosystems’ CEO, discuss why it’s critical to scale your business value practice. It’s very clear that most large enterprises, particularly in high-tech, have business value teams and business value offices, but the major challenge today is the scalability given the spreadsheet and manual approach that is the current practice. Why is it so critical to scale your value selling?

  • Limited Resources: You might have a team of business analysts to help support your sales deals, but how many deals can each person support during the course of a year? They may only be able to support a handful of deals if they’re managing complex eight-figure deals.
  • Every Deal Requires a Strong Value Proposition: A key problem is that now every deal is under major financial scrutiny and requires a strong business value proposition for the customer to get sign-off internally. Customers are competing for budget and under pressure to show hard-dollar cost savings and great revenue improvements. The business value practice needs to expand beyond just the top end of deals.

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