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Why Won’t Excel Spreadsheets Cut it for Value Selling?

Gerry Murray, Research Director of Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC, discusses with Chad Quinn, Ecosystems’ CEO, why vast amounts of insights are lost in spreadsheets.

  • Path of Least Resistance: Traditionally, Excel sheets have served as a stop-gap model for B2B selling, and its antiquated use severely limits sellers in the current environment
  • Creating an Enterprise Asset: Alternatively, value selling through an interactive business case allows for collaboration, interaction, and relationship building with sellers and their clients
  • In-Depth Solutions: Value selling provides for a means to consider the inner workings of your client’s business and, therefore, maintain an informed relationship focused on continuous customer success

Learn more about how eliminating Excel spreadsheets can improve your client relationships, ability to close deals, and continue partnerships through Ecosystems’ unique value selling platform.