Eco Profile: Melissa, Market Analyst Manager

Published: October 30, 2017


In this new article series, different Ecosystems team members will profile other members of the team. In this article, Benjamin Smith, Business Value Consultant, writes about one of his team members: Melissa Carpenter.

Meet Melissa

Melissa contributes to Ecosystems’ unique culture with her skillset, life experiences, innate curiosity, and disarming laugh. As a Market Analyst, Melissa serves as Ecosystems’ relationship-builder-in-chief, staying abreast of value management trends and best practices, while educating sales and marketing leaders about their role in ongoing customer success.

Melissa’s experiences prior to her role at Ecosystems have uniquely prepared her to excel here. Melissa fully commits herself to her interests and passions… kind of like Elton John shopping for sunglasses. For example, in college, Melissa became interested in Japanese history and culture. She then minored in East Asian studies, learned Japanese, and lived in Kawazawa. Most people just read Wikipedia articles.

Her Career Path

After college, Melissa worked in Austin, Texas at a SaaS company. She says this was a “rebellion to my parents for not going to law school.”  During that time, she traveled all over the country to onboard and train her customers on the software. Melissa’s work ethic led her to the top of the company’s customer-adoption leaderboard. This job introduced her to customer success principles—a foundation that’s proved useful in her current role as Market Analyst.

After moving from Texas to Virginia, Melissa worked in online advertising, managing business development teams, enabling customer service, and overseeing key accounts. In this role, she developed strategic managerial skills that translate into an understanding of Ecosystems’ customers and their needs.

At the time, Melissa’s husband was deployed by the Navy for months. Melissa began working in real estate, investing and flipping houses, and then as a real estate broker. Attracted to the fast-paced and strategic nature of the job, her real estate job primed her for the agility and focus needed to succeed as a Market Analyst.

A driven entrepreneur and achiever at heart, Melissa then opened her own franchise of Rita’s Italian Ice. After four years, Melissa left Rita’s to pursue opportunities to work from home.

Today, Melissa conducts every professional interaction with a level of meticulous organization and preparation that is signature of an experienced business professional.

The impact of Melissa’s diverse experiences allowed her to become a master in relationship building, with a specialty in determining how businesses can grow and succeed.

Melissa loves going to the beach with her family and follows almost everything she says with an enthusiastic laugh. Her engaging and professional demeanor is supported by a highly strategic, analytical, and productively curious mind—a unique combination.

About the Author

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin is a Business Value Consultant at Ecosystems. He works closely with the marketing team, value consulting team, and market analyst team to convey the value of Ecosystems' services. His professional experience includes marketing and sales at NGOs to tech startups. He is passionate about engaging with customers, building relationships that create mutual value, and writing creative haikus. Benjamin has a degree in Marketing and Information Systems from The George Washington University School of Business.