Episode 17: Human-First Leadership, Navigating Change, and Generation Eco

Featuring: Beth Comstock, Author of Imagine It Forward and Former Vice Chair of GE

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Key Takeaways

In this Voice of Value podcast episode, Beth Comstock, author of Imagine It Forward and former vice chair of GE, discusses human-first leadership, navigating change, and Generation Eco.

[1:06] – What has changed about change? Beth’s experience and perspective on change management.

[2:10] – What leaders should dedicate 10% of their time for

[3:21] – Beth’s unique voice and value around curiosity and discovery.

[4:12] – What is a “Dreaming Session?”

[5:28] – Fear—one of the reasons why Beth felt she needed to write a book.

[6:15] – Ecomagination – The discovery and value proposition that came out of this strategy at GE.

[8:09] – Feeling vulnerable enough to say, “I don’t know. I need help. Let’s figure it out together.”

[9:20] – Overcoming doubts with curiosity.

[10:14] – Scaring colleagues off by not involving them in the discovery process.

[11:13] – Opening your mind to a new way of thinking. Beth’s book club, Changemakers.

[12:20] – The big key to applied empathy.

[12:54] – How do I convince my boss that there is a return on empathy?

[13:32] – Something that’s very popular today that Beth fundamentally disagrees with.

[14:41] – The intersection of purpose and profit. A project that really affected Beth while working at GE.

[15:48] – How the most credible salespeople differentiated themselves.

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