Quantify Module

Clearly show the potential impact of your products and services based on your customer’s desired outcomes with the Quantify module, which includes:

  • Outcome-Template Library: The formula for a strong business case includes a compelling value proposition. Our library of business outcome templates (segmented by industry and buyer persona) provides you with relevant data and quantified value. This clearly shows your prospects why they need to move forward with your solution, based on your customer’s desired outcomes.
  • Online Content Builder: With the ability to create customized outcome templates, we help ensure your team has consistent and personalized messaging for the solutions you offer and how they tie back to common outcomes your target customers want to achieve.
  • Financial Analysis (ROI/TCO, NPV, IRR, Payback period): When buyers are seeking approval to invest in your solution, you need to provide the financial justification. A financial analysis paints a picture of how your solution will help achieve your customer’s desired outcomes and demonstrates that change is necessary.
  • Reporting Engine (doc, ppt, pdf): Export executive-ready leave-behinds to show customers a snapshot of the quantitative and qualitative value of your solutions.
  • Multi-role Collaboration (read, write, admin): Co-create value with your prospective customers by collaborating in The Ecosystem Platform. Your customer champions can co-author a stronger business case based on their organization’s priorities and desired business outcomes to share with their executive leadership or board.