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The nation’s most prominent companies have benefited from customer value management software.

Transforming Sales Teams with Value Realization

61% Improvement on Closing Deals Larger than $1 Million

38% Reduction in Price Discounting

4.5x Increase in Size of Upsell Deals

3x Increase in Average Deal Sizes

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Featured Case Study: HP

Learn how we’ve partnered with HP to:

  • Increase win rates by over 75%
  • Expand and grow in current clients by over 30%
  • Drive renewals without RFPs

Case Studies

Displaced their Top Competitor

Every sales representative out there is talking about the features, functions, and benefits of their solution. How do you stand out and differentiate yourself? It is difficult to define value and prove your value. Hear how Wesley Harrison’s team leveraged the Ecosystem platform to displace their top competitor.

Closed an $89.5 Million Deal

“The Ecosystem platform is what will help us show value to the customer in the long run. We’re not just here waiting for a PO (purchase order)…we have a platform that’s here to help you justify this engagement.” Hear how Chris Cortese and his team closed an $89.5 million deal.

Seen as a Trusted Advisor

“We help customers with achieving their goals and objectives, not just selling them a product.” The customer relationship does not stop once you make a sale. Hear how Ned Miller’s team used the Ecosystem platform in their sales process to have ongoing conversations on the value McAfee brings to their customers.