The Fishbowl Story

Published: October 5, 2015


Why We’re Here

We believe stories are important.  We have an entire wall dedicated to visual storytelling in our office, filled with framed drawings that document successes with our clients. We’re powering our clients to win more — and we’re excited by the opportunity to tell the story of those results.

The following is the story behind all of our client success stories–the beginning of our company.

It Started With a Fish Tank 

Prior to Ecosystems’ establishment, the company founder was working for a corporation where the front desk receptionist was let go as a result of cost-cutting measures. A few weeks later, a large saltwater fish tank was placed in the front lobby. With research, math, and analysis, Ecosystems’ founder determined that the total cost of the fish tank was more expensive (including maintenance costs) than the cost of the receptionist’s salary.

Our founder was disappointed and frustrated to learn that the company would let go of people like the receptionist who relied on the job to support her family, and yet still allocate the resources to pay for a large saltwater fish tank.

A few months later, Ecosystems’ founders set out to establish a company that would operate on the belief that its people and their lives should come before numbers and things. As a reminder of Ecosystems’ history and its commitment to its people, a small fishbowl with a single fish sits in our headquarters.

Since its inception, Ecosystems has continued to operate on its founding principle to value people above all else.