Excellence in Value Selling
Featuring: Randy Perry, IDC

IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, has partnered with Ecosystems on our inaugural Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem Survey on Value Selling Excellence. Randy Perry, Vice President of Sales Enablement at IDC, will explain the maturity of our community in B2B sales, customer success, sales enablement, and value management. Based on our empirical research, we will uncover the top challenges Members are facing and discuss strategies and best practices to employ as we enter 2021.

Elements of Value Workshop: Understanding Your Customer
Featuring: David Kocher, Medidata; Mark Roberts, HP

In this workshop, Mark Roberts, Americas Pursuit & Customer Success Leader at HP, shared his team’s experience on collaborating with Ecosystems and HP PS Services’ Leadership team to gain a better understanding of HP’s strengths and weaknesses and opened up new conversations with customers.

B2B Elements of Value Workshop
Featuring: Jamie Cleghorn, Bain & Company; David Kocher, Medidata Solutions

Bain & Company has robust research on why companies buy, which has been incorporated into Ecosystems’ collaborative online platform. We will discuss how to use the B2B Elements of Value to improve customer experience, drive strategic account planning, and ultimately grow and retain your most important accounts.

B2B Elements of Value
Featuring: Eric Almquist, Bain & Company

A live Q&A with Eric Almquist, Partner at Bain & Company, on his Harvard Business Review article, “The B2B Elements of Value.”