Excellence in Value Selling
Featuring: Randy Perry, IDC

IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, has partnered with Ecosystems on our inaugural Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem Survey on Value Selling Excellence. Randy Perry, Vice President of Sales Enablement at IDC, will explain the maturity of our community in B2B sales, customer success, sales enablement, and value management. Based on our empirical research, we will uncover the top challenges Members are facing and discuss strategies and best practices to employ as we enter 2021.

Executive Roundtable: Organizational Alignment
Featuring: Bill Welch, IronNet Cybersecurity; Maria White, Twilio; Jon Hunter, Micro Focus

We discuss hiring, enablement, and organizational alignment on value. Bill, Jon, and Maria share best practices from their 20+ years of experience leading high-performing B2B sales teams.

Sales Transformation Initiatives
Featuring: Bill Welch, Duo Security; Ben Allard, Apptio; Marc Bland, HP

In the inaugural Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem meeting, members discuss the mindset of the next-generation seller, scaling sales transformation, and a handshake on outcomes.