Welcome to Our Living Room

Published: June 20, 2016


What does your living room say about you? Maybe the walls are painted your favorite color, or you have family photos on display, or your great grandfather’s coffee table sits next to the couch. Whatever your living room looks like, it probably reflects your unique identity.

At Eco, we refer to our entryway as our “living room,” because it uniquely reflects who we are as a company. When job candidates walk through our front door, we welcome them into the living room and invite them to experience our culture.  It’s one of the best ways to get to know who we are. If you ever tour our living room, you’ll see the following:

1. Our Purpose

Our purpose as a company is to make value clear. It’s the drive behind our work. Value made clear includes the value of products and services at our client companies, the value of each of our individual customers, and the value of each other (our teammates). Our purpose hangs on a central office wall.


2. Gallery Wall

Stories are important to us. The gallery wall contains the stories of our raving fans, which remind us of our purpose to make value clear. Some of our favorite stories include a sales rep who used our services on his iPad while his car was getting an oil change, and a success story reminiscent of Pacman.

3. Raving Fan Bell

Raving fans are the most important part of what we do at Ecosystems. We love to help our customers to the point where they become raving fans of our service. Whenever we create a new raving fan, we gather for a bell ringing ceremony. Here are some highlights from recent bell-ringing ceremonies:


4. Fishbowl

We like to say Ecosystems started because of a people-centric vision, talented and passionate founders, and a fishbowl. The fishbowl story is a reminder that the company’s heart is to put people before numbers. If you haven’t read the fishbowl story, find it here.



Our core values (we call them “RICHES”) are respect, integrity, courage, honesty, excellence, and service. They’re on our wall because we want our values to be front and center. Every employee is assessed based on how he or she has worked to uphold and embody our values.


6. Big Board

We have a simple whiteboard in the office that we call our “big board.” We use it to display our goals and our progress in attaining them. We have four all-company meetings each year, where each team takes a turn discussing progress on their goals in front of the whiteboard.

7. Homestretch

Our living room also features our work with Homestretch, an award-winning nonprofit in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Homestretch works to empower families with the resources they need to move out of homelessness and become self-sufficient. We created an Impact Study to assess the value that Homestretch provides to donors and families in its program. At Homestretch’s annual benefit breakfast, the Impact Study was released to approximately 400 local executives. With the help of the Impact Study, we were proud to see Homestretch surpass its fundraising goal for the event by 100%. Watch these videos to learn more about the partnership.


8. Bookshelf

Curiosity is an important behavior in our culture. We like questions. To make sure we’re always learning, we have Individual Development Plans (IDP) to outline where we’d like to improve. One of our founders reads books regularly, shares a summary of the book with the company, and then places them on the Eco bookshelf for anyone to borrow.


Welcoming new people to our living room is an exciting opportunity to share who we are. To read more about who we are at Ecosystems, visit our Join Our Team page.

Have you experienced our living room tour? What did you think of it?