Aligning Sales and Customer Success

Ecosystems has been recognized by Gainsight as one of the select Sightline partners with true integration, and the only integrated offering in the category of Outcome Management. Together, Ecosystems and Gainsight empower business-to-business vendors to quantify the value promised in the sales process and seamlessly compare the value actually delivered in customer success.

Learn how to seamlessly integrate the buyer’s and the customer’s journey in this webinar recap with Gainsight. 


  • Leverage pre-built industry libraries to explore and identify the customer’s desired business outcomes
  • Quantify the tangible business value of attaining each outcome
  • Deliver compelling propositions, comparing total business value versus investment


Customer Sucess 

  • Inherit the customer’s pre-sales expectations of value as a foundation of the success plan
  • Earn the right to retain and grow by tracking the actual value delivered
  • Use gaps between expected and actual value to impact health scores and to trigger the right actions 


Salesforce-based integration between Ecosystems and Gainsight

  • Ecosystems in Salesforce – Directly within Salesforce, sales representatives use Ecosystems to build customer-facing deliverables on quantified business outcomes. These deliverables are directly tied to Salesforce Account IDs. Through associating Accounts in Gainsight with Salesforce Account IDs, deliverables created by sellers in Ecosystems are posted directly to the C360 View in Gainsight

  • Ecosystems in Gainsight – The Ecosystem platform runs within two new sections of the C360 View within Gainsight, which are created upon installation:
    • 1. Outcome Quantification – Provides CSMs access to an archived view of the pre-sales customer conversation on quantified business outcomes.
    • 2. Outcome Tracking – Empowers CSMs to quantify and track the actual business outcomes recognized by customers, which are then compared to the pre-sales expectations. 

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