Adoption Guarantee

We believe in our customer value management software. In fact, we guarantee it.

A guaranteed approach to customer value management software.

Discovering, quantifying and tracking outcomes.

We are so confident that your organization will yield positive results with Ecosystems, that we provide a performance-backed guarantee. Your investment is contingent on the success delivery of business outcomes.”

“Having that joint skin in the game together is tremendously valuable to us…if we’re successful, everybody’s happy, and that’s the beauty of the outcome-based agreement.”

Hear Jonathan Nikols, Global Vice President of HP Device-as-a-Service, discuss how our innovative approach in signing up for this level of accountability can strengthen a partnership between any two organizations.

“It’s time for a new way to sell software.”

One that is aligned with how customers actually want to buy. We need to rethink how B2B software is purchased, consumed, and delivered.