Ecosystems: What We Do

Our software platform, the Value Management Office (VMO), helps B2B suppliers optimize customer relationships throughout the entire sales cycle by:

  • Discovering Outcomes: The VMO arms you with libraries of pre-built industry templates to start your customer conversations by discovering outcomes your customer cares the most about.
  • Proposing Outcomes: In a collaborative cloud workspace, you can quantify and show customers the potential impact of your products and services through interactive business cases.
  • Tracking Outcomes: In a seamless integration with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you can define partnership goals and track the benefits your customer receives.

The next generation of our Outcome-Based Selling platform is now available in the Salesforce AppExchange too! Learn more about this latest innovation here.

Just Announced! Bain & Company is partnering with Ecosystems to help organizations deliver more value to their B2B customers. Learn more here.

Latest News

Ecosystems Announces Adoption Guarantee – Learn more here

IDC and Ecosystems announce a strategic partnership to deliver radical simplicity to B2B Sellers – Learn more here


Ecosystems Doubles Down on Partnership with Gainsight and is now part of Gainsight Sightline

In a recent press release, Ecosystems has been recognized by Gainsight as one of the select Sightline partners with true integration, and the only integrated offering in the category of Outcome Management. Read the full press release here.


We provide value management services to differentiate the value of a company’s products and services.

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We invest in developing each of our team member’s talents and discovering their unique value.

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We strive to partner with community organizations to quantify and convey their unique impact.

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Your Value Made Clear

We empower B2B sales, marketing, and customer success teams to differentiate their customer experience with our collaborative software platform and value consulting services.

With a focus on your customer’s needs and challenges, we help you and your customers align on each step of the sales process, which is becoming more complex in the B2B landscape.

Ultimately, our goal of making your value clear through the VMO helps you:

  • Retain & Grow Customer Accounts
  • Increase Close Rates
  • Increase Average Deal Sizes
  • Shorten the Sales Cycle
  • Reduce Price Discounting
  • Increase Qualified Opportunities
  • Increase Sales Productivity
  • …and more!

Who We Are

The work we do every day is our life’s work—not just business.

Ecosystems began with the mission to create a company focused on people.

We began with simple business principles that remain our core foundation today: Cultivate an environment based on our values of respect, integrity, courage, honesty, excellence, and service. Invest in the people and create raving fans of our clients, colleagues, and community.

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