Customer Value Community


Ecosystems, the leader in value management software for over 20 years, is facilitating the Customer Value Community (CVC), an open forum where value selling practitioners can expand their network beyond their own organization.

The CVC enables value management, B2B sales, presales, and customer success teams to cross-functionally solve common challenges and share learnings. Our Members include thought leaders from top SaaS organizations, like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Salesforce.

You will receive access to a Slack channel to network with peers, share jobs and upcoming events, workshop common challenges, and discuss emerging best practices and industry trends. We will also have monthly webinars, open discussion sessions, and a monthly newsletter.

Topics we will discuss include:

  • The B2B Elements of Value: quantifying & tracking value beyond ROI
  • Building a value management program
  • Hiring a value management team
  • Scaling value selling in your organization
  • Value realization best practices
  • Cross-functional alignment with B2B sales, CS, and marketing teams
  • Embedding value in your organization’s DNA

…and much more!

Please fill out the form to apply for CVC Membership. Upon acceptance, you will receive a welcome email with next steps.

Contact Kylee Rocher, Advisory Engagement Specialist, at with any questions. Thank you!


Members Include